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To know gluconature

The key points which diabetes patients need to know

1. What is GlucoNature?

GlucoNature is herbal product based on knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Diabetes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, blood sugar level is not the key point of Diabetes, the key point is disorders of body function. GlucoNature mainly focuses on improving body functions and then the body will balance blood sugar itself finally.

So at the beginning of taking GlucoNature(in two months), notice your body functions changes more than blood sugar level

2. Why blood sugar level is not the key point in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Firstly, the body needs glucose to produce ATP (Energy form in the body), 80% ATP in the body is produced by glucose, 20% ATP in the body is from fat and proteins. Secondly, blood sugar level of diabetes patients is higher than the normal level, it is body's self protection because normal blood sugar level can't meet body's needs for energy under the degradation of function of the body.

Thirdly, few diabetes patients die from high blood sugar, many diabetes patients die from multi organs failure because of no enough glucose to use under strict diet control and chemicals treatment (Metformin etc. works by stopping stomach absorbs glucose, insulin works by boosting glucose excretion).

The fourth, if normal people drink one cup of sweet water and go to hospital to test, the blood sugar is also high. But normal people are no problem because normal people have normal body functions and can afford high blood sugar.

3. What is the main symptom from body functions disorders of diabetes patients?

Fatigue, excessively losing weight, excessively frequent urination, excessive thirsty, easily hungry, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood fat, headache, serious hair loss, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, bad breath, mouth ulcers, chest oppression, chest pain, palpitation, insomnia, dreamful, troublesome, stomachache, abnormal appetite, easily angry, weak erection, reduced sex desire, impotence, premature ejaculation, night sweat, lower back sore, lower back pain, neck stiff, shoulders pain, general body pain, numb limbs, difficult-healed wounds, diabetic foot, and multi organs failure etc.

GlucoNature is helpful for above symptoms in different degree by improving body functions. During taking GlucoNature, please notice more changes of above symptoms than blood sugar level.

4. Why diabetes patients' body is in disorders?

Generally any kind of disease is from people's bad eating habits, bad living habits, bad working habits and bat emotions.

If want to remove the disease: Correct product + Changing Your Bad Habits.

5. How to tell the correct product?

Once you stop taking it after required treatment period, your problems become more serious, this product is not correct for you, it is not treating your problems, it is hiding real reason of your problems, it is hurting your body.

Once you stop taking it after required treatment period, your body become better than before, this product is correct for you, to cure your problems is only a matter of time.

6.While taking GlucoNature, my blood sugar level becomes higher than before, why?

ome patients will have higher blood sugar level during taking GlucoNature, it is because GlucoNature improves microcirculation and your body needs more glucose to nourish, the property of this kind of high blood sugar is when it appears your body feels more comfort.

7.How GlucoNature competes with Chemical Treatment?

Firstly, GlucoNature focuses on improving your body functions, Chemicals only focus on blood sugar level;

Secondly, GlucoNature focuses on improving your living quality, Chemicals only focus on blood sugar level damaging body functions with their serious side effects at the same time;
Thirdly, GlucoNature can reduce side effects of Chemical treatment;
The fourth, GlucoNature can prevent complications of diabetes while Chemicals will speed up them;
The fifth, GlucoNature will be combined with individual treatment offered by Supplier for accurate treatment;
The sixth, GlucoNature keeps body to balance blood sugar itself finally by improving body functions;
The seventh, once you stop taking GlucoNature, your living quality and blood sugar level will become better than before taking it; once you stop taking Chemicals, your living quality and your blood sugar level will be worse!
The eighth, GlucoNature is a little more expensive but not lifelong treatment, Chemicals are a little cheaper but lifelong treatment!

Dr Wang
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